Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord
would fulfill his promises to her!
— Luke 1:45

The Amakye's...

Lets start with the hubsters:

Emmanuel is a man of God, and he takes that title very seriously. He makes perfect omelettes, pretends he’s not a nerd (even though he plays with computers for a living AND has a Dragon Ball Z obsession), folds laundry, bathes the kids without being asked (PRAISE JESUS), and gives thee most amazing hugs ever in the history of hugs. (Trust me I know. I’m a hug connoisseur.) He is a Youth Ministry Director at my church, so needless to say we always have teenagers in my home… AKA Free baby sitting:)

I love my husband but it's taken years of marriage to learn HOW to love him AND love myself enough to recieve the love in return. I know without a doubt that this man was created JUST for me. He is everything I ever dreamed of and everything I never imagined I could ever deserve....key word deserve.

It took a while to have the marriage that we have now. Mainly because I didn't always believe I deserved that kind of love. And what, you ask, is that kind of love. You know, the selfess,- i'm not going anywhere, we in this for the long haul,I'm crazy enough to love the mess you try to hide from others-kind of love. He gets me and I get him, but it didn't come easy or overnight. From what I hear, nothing worth having ever does.


Ok on to the babies:

We have a son named Levi and a daughter Selah who are about a year apart (I know, I know, I’m insane. Irish twins and what not. lol). 

They are the absolute light of my life and teach me something about myself daily.  I've been a stay at home mom for close to 5 years and I'm TIRED most of the time. So yes, I love them but I'm also ready to give them away for $2.50 if you ask on a random Wednesday afternoon. For an extra .10 each I may include snacks.:) I joke, I kid!....maybe;)