The Tribe Gathering is a ministry that God gave me that I really didn’t feel qualified to pursue (I still don’t).

I had a dream about women of all different walks of life coming together like feathers…to weather life storms.

Tribe is a little over 2 years old now and I’m still trying to navigate this leadership role, but He has been faithful.

This awesome group of women has taught me about the true meaning of obedience and faith. I am constantly being challenged from a spiritual perspective, and although I don’t always get it right, grace is always right there around the corner in the form of  my tribe sisters. They see my vision and are happy to help me get on the right track.

There are MANY a day that I want to give up and walk away from it. Its TEW much of an undertaking between my family, my church responsibilities, my store etc. But God has truly been working on my heart to see that there is no greater joy or responsibility than leading people to the cross. 

I  am thankful for this tiring, stressful, overwhelming, joy-filled undertaking and praying that God continue to order my steps as it expands:)