“Enough, Worthy, Capable, Qualified” Pillow

“Enough, Worthy, Capable, Qualified” Pillow


At the beginning of 2017, I made this specific declaration on Instagram and it has been my mantra ever since!

I am more than enough and He has given me everything I need

I am worthy of being blessed regardless of my past.

I am fully capable and competent. If I am in the will of God, what others think of me isn’t my business or my problem.

Lastly, I am qualified because I have been fully certified by the blood of Jesus that covers ALL my sins. I am here because of the gifts God gave me and not by happenstance.

My prayer is for this statement to become something that you take personally! You can do ALL things through Christ!


  •  20X20
  • 100% Cotton
  • Material: Natural Black Canvas
  • Gold text


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