I read this quote about 2 years ago and its been playing in my mind for months:  “You can do hard things”

How many times have you started something and then stopped because-well, it was too hard.


Last year I experienced a breaking point in my business that has changed the trajectory of what I will be doing from here on out. I have a sneaky feeling like it was supposed to do just that.
God’s ways are for sure not our ways because He surely coulda sent me an email to convey that message.

In any case, I experienced a loss that essentially made me question everything I had done to that point.
I had quit my job and spent the previous 5-8 months building a business from the ground up.
Mind you I have NO business savvy whatsoever.
aannnddd when I say NONE I truly mean none.
All I wanted to do was create pretty things>put them on a site>and tell people to go buy it. The end.

There are entrepreneurs reading this chuckling because there is obvi SO much more to this game.
Y’all I’m in my feelings because its hard. Real. Hard.

Harder then anything I’ve every done before. This includes child birth (which may or may not be an exaggeration but its how I feel currently).

After going on more than 5 months, in constant prayer, and no sleep there was finally a breakthrough. Finally somebody had seen me. Finally I could actually say it was all worth it.
Except it wasn’t.
I was offered an amount for an order that would have set me and my family up for the rest of the year!
I was on cloud 9 and spent the rest of the week praising God for His miracles.


just like the that offer was withdrawn.
No real explanation.
Nothing I had done or said.
Nothing I could fix.
Nothing I could negotiate or barter.
Just gone.


I spent the rest of the day crying to God and asking why. Why me. Why would He do something so cruel!

Praise God He knows more than me because a few months later I gained some crazy insight and clarity and I’m actually relieved it didn’t happen the way EYE would have done it.

This is why this launch is so important to me.
Love Sethie is my way of honoring God and FINALLY being obedient when I should have listened months ago. I knew He was telling me to slow down and consolidate but instead I  was chasing after the paper (dolla, dolla bills y’all) and ignoring the WHY.

Now that I have my WHY back I’m happy back on schedule…His schedule and not the one I was trying to create for myself.

I can’t wait to show you how my ashes were replaced with beauty and my mourning replaced with JOY.


Thank you in advance for coming along on this ride!

(All photos by Kris Will Photo)